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The Mad Hatter Tea Party

‘This Tea so queer, my dear, pour me more, tastes like none I’ve had before!’

‘This Purple tea’, clears your head,’Sip it s-l-o-w’, Alice said.

‘Nonsense!’ exclaimed White Rabbit, ‘How so? Tea is never purple; I know what I know! I’d like to stay, but I MUST go.

My presence is highly required, you see… oh, no! You made me forget WHERE I should be…’

‘Why so? You’re Here’ hummed the Marsh Hareas Caterpillar lifted his hookah:’ Don’t go!

Get rid of your watch, Take a puff and blow! Then, silly rabbit you’ll forget to care…’

Artwork by: Andrew Dela Rosa, Ayala Leyser, JoJo Baby, Lynn Chcalupka, and Scott Becker reinterpreting Wonderland, The Wizard, more…

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