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Art of the Revolt since WWI

The German Republic during the Weimar era was at the peak of its intellectual production. Germany was at the edge of advancing science,...

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How Color Sounds

Paintings: Ruth Eckstein, David Westling. Sculpture: Andre Delarosa (wood), Alan Emerson Hicks (plastic, found objects). Music Performance...

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Alice in Berlin, installation by Ruth Sergel

Ruth Sergel is a NY/Berlin based artist and writer. Alice in Berlin, an experimental interactive film installation was screened...

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War, Peace and more war

Flute performance by Yael Asher, composer and flute-master, situated in NY. Opening: Sid Sandberg on piano. Performance of Trinity: Leila...

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Dada evolution to Beat to Punk

Ayala Leyser: Dada Evolves: a historical review Performance: Janice Mitchell: flute, poetry performance Joanie Pallato and Sparro: piano...

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The Mad Hatter Tea Party

[Show as slideshow] ‘This Tea so queer, my dear, pour me more, tastes like none I’ve had before!’ ‘This Purple tea’, clears your...

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