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Art of the Revolt since WWI

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The German Republic during the Weimar era was at the peak of its intellectual production. Germany was at the edge of advancing science, technology, literature, philosophy and art, yet breeding human relationships oblivious to misery, poverty, and the consequences of war. It seems like between WWI and WWII not much has been learned. Germany was still after its “place under the Sun”, escaping the high price humanity paid and would be paying for its grandiosity.    20 million people were disabled and 17 million dead, and the party was still going on strong. Poverty hit esp hard women. Widows of all ages and looks turned into the only resort they could find, the brothels. In 1920, Berlin had at least 100,000 women resorting to sex work being degraded, exploited, abused and unprotected. While life seemed to have lost all meaningful norms and humanity, Dada artists who saw their art as a reflection of their social context, revolted against the war, and against bourgeois resignation and escapism of their time.

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